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Categories:Male, Gender, Fusion, Comic Book, Character


The superhero Firestorm is a nuclear powered superhero with a transformation base. Basically, he was originally the fusion of a college student, Ronnie Raymond, and a professor, Dr. Stein, after a freak accident. This accident fused the professor into Raymond, giving him a new atomically charged body and unimaginable power over matter and physics, while having Dr. Stein's consciousness inside of his mind to guide him. However, this was not permanent, and they could fuse or defuse at will.

This went on until Ronnie was killed recently, exploding after his atomic core was ruptured. His residual energy was absorbed by a teenager named Jason Rusch.

The second Firestorm is much more widespread with his fusions; he can fuse (or, really, absorb) with anyone he has eye contact with, willing or unwilling, and the fusions are even stronger than Ronnies: he can take on that person's attributes or effects (if they're sick he'll feel it), and, should that person be a superpowered individual, he can use their powers.

He's currently constantly fusing with a female superhero named Firehawk, into a still male body, placing this in gender transformation as well. However, instead of her mind being inside of Rusch's head, the fusion instead wakes up the lingering spirit of Ronnie Raymond

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