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Fable II
  • Categories:age, animal, gender, video game
  • aka: Fable 2
  • Original Game Console: XBOX 360
  • Original Release Date: October 21, 2008
  • (c) Microsoft Games


Fairfax Castle (gender)

After completing the main story of the game a few new buildings become available for purchase, one being castle fairfax which can be purchased for 1 million gold. On purchasing the castle a new quest begins and requests that you sleep in the master bedroom. After doing so you are informed that that castle is under attack, this leads to having to fight multiply waves of bandits and monsters from the bedroom all the way down to a secret dungeon under the castle.

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Vg fubhyq or abgrq gung guvf cbgvba vf ynetryl gerngrq nf na rkgen, sbe hfvat vg cebqhprf arneyl ab tnzrcynl punatrf bgure gura lbhe punenpgre'f nccrnenapr naq ubj ACPf ersre gb lbh (gurl erfcbaq svggvat gb jung lbhe frk vf). Vg fubhyq nyfb or abgrq gung ba pbzcyrgvat gur nobir dhrfg (bapr lbh qrpvqr jung gb qb jvgu gur cbgvba lbhe dhrfg vf pbzcyrgrq) lbh ner tvira n gebcul irefvba bs gur cbgvba gb fubj bss.

Wheel Of Misfortune (animal, gender)

During the regular course of the game you come across a place called the "Temple of Shadows". After performing a simple task to gain entry to the temple, you are asked to bring sacrifices to the "wheel of misfortune" (located in the center of the temple) in order to gain the trust of the shadow worshipers. The wheel acts much like "wheel of fortune." You bring one or more people to the room and pull a lever to spin the wheel. It spins and then stops on a symbol, it is then that the "misfortune" is put upon the sacrifices.

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Bar bs gur cbffvoyr zvfsbegharf vf gung vf fjvgpurf gur fnpevsvpr'f frk, naq nabgure gheaf gurz vagb n puvpxra.

Return The Shadow Seal (age)

Late in the game you are given a quest to return a shadow seal to the shadow court.

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Nsgre svtugvat lbhe jnl guebhtu n qhatrba lbh ernpu gur ebbz jurer gur funqbj pbheg erfvqr. Ba ragrevat gur ebbz lbh zrrg n lbhat tvey anzrq Ryvmnorgu jub vf pelvat naq qbrfa'g xabj jul fur'f gurer. Gur 3 funqbj pbheg whqtrf gura vasbez lbh gung gurve fubhyqa'g or 2 crbcyr ergheavat gur frny naq gung jubrire vf va cbffrffvba bs gur funqbj frny jvyy trg gurve lbhgu naq ornhgl gnxra njnl fb gung gur xvat bs guvrirf pna ergnva uvf. Urer lbh ner tvira n pubvpr orgjrra xrrcvat gur frnyvat naq orpbzvat byq be tvivat vg gb Ryvmnorgu fb gung fur jvyy orpbzr byq.

originally posted by guest(zap) on 2008-10-25, 5 edits, entryid=8170