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Strange Aeons, Thing on the Doorstep
Categories:Gender, Movie
(c) 2008


from the same people who did the short version of this famous Lovecraft Tale.

Its on Amazon if you want to buy it.
In my copy if you hit play it takes you back to the warning. The way I saw the movie was going to chapters and clicking on the first chapter.

Parts of this are very good, some not so good. I hated the 'twist' in the end which most horror movies seem to do these days.

Some good scenes include the introduction of the girl Asenath doing her trick of the 'illusion' of switching bodies with two girls and Edward trying it. She takes him home and they switch in the middle of sex! Which he loves.

Another good TG scene, very dramatic is later in the movie with a confrontation and argument between Asenath and Edward while they are in each other's bodies.

There is also a strange Female to Female swap when Asenath possesses Professors Upon's ( the narrator's wife) body.


Preview on Youtube

Also, student acted version

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