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Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #23
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Title: A Hawk in the Nest
  • Cover Date: May 2006
  • (c) DC Comics
  • Series: Firestorm: The Nuclear Man, Vol. 2


As part of a DC Comics panel at a comics convention detailed in the following link, a change for Firestorm is described:

"Firestorm does not have a big role in 52, although he will be going through big change OYL (One Year Later) � specifically, that Jason Rusch will be bonded to Lorraine Reilly."

Traditionally, the Firestorm character is the fusion of two people into one hero, usually with one of them in control of the body, the other in a "kibitzer" role inside the person's head. The body takes on the form of the person in control, and is male throughout most of the stories.

As the series goes on, Jason finds Dr. Martin Stein again, only to loose him. He also merges with his girlfriend, Gehenna.

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