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Fringe episode "The Same Old Story"
  • Categories:Television Episode, Age Progression
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 2
  • First Aired: September 16, 2008


An exotic dancer, Loraine Daisy, is taken to the hospital by a man that just had sex with her in a hotel. He leaves her at the door as she has gone from being skinny to very fat in the belly.

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Fur raqf hc orpbzvat certanag sebz univat frk jvgu gur zna. Gur onol ntrf ng na rkgerzr engr, naq xvyyf Ybenvar. Va sbhe ubhef, vg tbrf sebz orvat n onol gb na byq zna, naq qvrf bs angheny pnhfrf. Vg vf fubja bayl nf na byq zna

Later, more about the man is revealed. He is actually a killer that Olivia Dunham was once looking for. He kills his victims, and removes their pituitary glands.
The reason is later revealed in this episode.

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Ur vf npghnyyl Puevfgbcure, na nppryrengrq ovegurq onol nf jryy. Ur arrqf gur tynaqf sbe gur ubezbarf gb fgbc uvf ntvat cebprff. Ur vf fgbccrq orsber ur pna trg gur ynfg bar ur arrqf. Va gur raq, ur ortvaf gb ntr encvqyl. Ur vf fubja tbvat sebz 20 gb 50f va bar zvahgr. Yngre, ur vf fubja ntvat sebz yngr 70f gb qlvat bs angheny pnhfrf va frpbaqf.

originally posted by Sara on 2008-09-18, 1 edit, entryid=8143