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Thundarr the Barbarian, "Island of the Body Snatchers"
Categories:female, cartoon


The ancient sorceress Circe is trapped on an island that was once part of the city of London, where she lives in the clock tower containing Big Ben. Because she is under a curse by which she will turn to stone if she leaves the island, Circe uses her magic to kidnap Princess Ariel and switch bodies with her, trapping Ariel in Circe's body. Once in Ariel's body, Circe steals the Sunsword from Thundarr and heads for an ancient oil rig where an old wrecked helicopter is located. Thundarr and Ookla follow here there and top the oil rig's derrick onto the helicopter. He then uses the Sunsword to disrupt Circe's magic when she casts a spell at him, restoring the two women to their proper bodies. On being restored to her normal self, Circe turns to stone because of the curse, and Ariel restores the shipwreck survivors Circe has turned into monsters to their normal selves.

originally posted by glammazon on 2008-09-08, 1 edit, entryid=8126