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Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Episode OVA 2
Categories:Anime,Female,Body swap,Gender


This episode begins with Maia and Gloria swimming under to a docking port. When Maia and Gloria surface out of the water, Gloria explains what they are doing at a wreck docking port. Gloria tells Maia that she is doing a side job for some extra money. Gloria tells Maia that she came to kill a crime boss without telling her boss about the side job she is pulling. Gloria accidentally bumps into a soda machine. She tells the soda machine to be quiet so they won't be discovered by the guards on the ship. The soda machine says it is now returning change. When gloria reaches in to grab the spare change maia tries to stop her and the soda machine malfunctions and explodes. The guards hear the explosion and start firing at the area where they see the smoke and they tell the captain to move the ship away from the dock to save their boss. Maia yells at gloria to do something before they both end up dead. So Gloria runs out the smoke cloud shooting her gun like crazy to stop the bad guys from getting away. The bad guys end up getting away anyway. Gloria turns around and blames maia for letting them get away. But gloria notices why is her body running towards her when she is supposed to be in her body and maia notices the same thing. The two walk towards each other and says a couple of words in a code only the team would know. When they finish speaking to each other, maia now in gloria's body jumps into the ocean to kill herself. Gloria in maia's body jumps in to stop maia from killing herself while she is still inside of gloria's body. Gloria (Maia) starts crying saying why me why did I have to end up in gloria's body. Maia (Gloria) tells maia stupid girl, don't try to kill yourself while your in my body. The two walk back to the soda machine to find out if it was the caused them to switch bodies. Gloria in maia's body tells maia in gloria's body that the soda machine could have mutated. And the two decide to take the soda machine to Shizuka. At first shizuka doesn't believe the two have switch bodies. So shizuka decides to do a test to see if the two really have switch bodies by throwing spare change into the street to see if gloria will run into the street to grab it. But instead maia runs into the street and grabs the spare change and shizuka believes their story. And shizuka tells the girls to take her out to dinner after she fixes this thing and gets them back to their own bodies. Gloria in maia's body saids its a deal. Gloria in maia's body tells maia in gloria's body that the two will have to live each others lives until shizuka can fix the soda machine. At the end of show shizuka finally manages to fix the machine and to have maia and gloria switch back to their right bodies. Just when they are about to switch back to their right bodies the branch manager named Tsutomu walks in on Maia, gloria, shizuka when the soda machine goes off and this time everyone in the room ends up in the wrong bodies. Their boss Rena asks everybody in the room what happen and everybody tries to talk at the same time but end up making a big arguement at the same time. So Rena calls roll call to see who is in who's body. Gloria is now shizuka, Shizuka is now maia, Branch manager is now in gloria's body. Rena figures out that maia now inside the body of the branch manager.


originally posted by Bodyswap1 on 2008-08-28, 3 edits, entryid=8112