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Bart Simpson Comics #40
  • Categories:Size, Growth, Shrinking, Comic Book
  • Story Title: "Attack of the 50 Foot Maggie"
  • Cover Date: February 2008
  • (c) Bongo Comics


In the issue, Bart discovers a ray gun that can make things grow big. He uses it on Skinner's newspaper, Homer's pants, and Lisa's Malibu Stacy doll. Lisa gets angry and they fight over the gun accidently shooting Maggie making her a giant. Her clothes rip so she is no naked. Maggie then chases after a hot air balloon and reaks havok in town. Luckily Dr. Frink (inventor of the gun) comes with a shrinking ray gun. To get Maggie's attention, Bart dresses as a teddy bear. Maggie takes the bait and Frink manages to shrink her back down to size while holding Bart. So at the end Bart is the size of a doll. Frink said they cant use the growth gun again because Bart might become a giant as well but the shrinking ray should wear off in a few days.

originally posted by guest on 2008-05-14, 3 edits, entryid=8028