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The Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon - Part 1 and 2
Categories:Mythical, Inanimate, Television Series, BBC


Kid TV show where a former Dr Who Companion Sarah Jane fights evil aliens with the help of kids, including Maria.

In this show, a race called the Gorgons is trying to invade earth. One of their number has possessed the body of a nun for several hundred years and gained control of other nuns. In this body the Gorgon has turned people to stone includiong Maria's dad. The nun's body the gorgon is using is dying so it plans to transfer to Sarah Jane's using an amulet, as well as bringing the other Gorgons to Earth. The plot is foiled when Maria following the advice of an old woman puts a mirror in front of Sarah Jane's eyes and reflects the Gorgon's gaze back!

Maria's father is returned to flesh by using the magic amulet at the end.

originally posted by Eric on 2008-05-07, 6 edits, entryid=8015