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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
  • Categories:Video Game, Monster, Possession, Gender
  • Aka: Doragon Kuesto S�do Kamen no Jo'� to Kagami no T� (Japan)
  • Original Game System: Wii
  • Original Release Date: February 19, 2008
  • � Square-Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest


Chapter 4

While at the castle waiting to talk to everyone about the Mask on the Queen, you are informed that a monster has been seen, which causes you and your Father to go and investigate. When you finish the level, you come across a 'Fishy' man.
Click to show spoiler
Nsgre gur onggyr, vg vf erirnyrq gung ur vf npghnyyl Syrherggr'f oebgure, Nehiny, gung jnf punatrq vagb n svfuzna fybjyl bire n lrne. Guvf tnzr nyybjf lbh gb ercynl gur obffrf ntnva. Rnpu gvzr lbh snpr guvf cnegvphyne obff ntnva, vg vf erirnyrq gb or na vzcbfgbe, n zbafgre gung pna nffhzr gur funcr bs nalbar ol hfvat gur "genafsbez" fcryy.

Chapter 5

When the party finally comes face to face with the Queen inside the tower of Mirrors, it is revealed thatClick to show spoiler
gur fcvevg bs Kvcubf, gur qrngu oevavat, unf orra erfvqvat vafvqr bs ure, naq pbagebyyvat ure npgvbaf fvapr ur jnf qrsrngrq 5 lrnef ntb. Bapr gur znfx vf oebxra, ur vf svanyyl eryrnfrq sebz ure

originally posted by Sara on 2008-04-01, 3 edits, entryid=7987