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Echo (and Narcissus)
  • Categories:Misc, Mythology


As the legend goes, Echo, who was good friends with Aphrodite, witnessed Zeus cheating on Hera (again). Hera showed up some time afterward and Echo covered for him. Zeus rewarded her with a special ring of the gods. Hera shows up again, sees the ring, discovers the deception, and punishes her by taking away her ability to speak anything but the last few words of what another person says. By horrible timing, Narcissus, who she is completely infatuated with, shows up immediately after that, and dismisses her as crazy. Echo is crushed.
Echo then asks her good friend Aphrodite (in a thought based prayer) to make her disappear forever, so she wouldn't have to feel the pain anymore. Aphrodite does this, and erases her completely, except her voice (they would spend hours talking, and Aphrodite loved the sound of her voice). So, as the legend goes, her voice goes around unconsciously following people and repeating the words they say (that's sort of a TF, i guess).

The other, more famous TF of this story occurs when Aphrodite punishes Narcissus for making her have to reduce her friend to her voice, she makes him obsessed with his reflection in a river (she made the reflection distort so that it looked like girl), and he stayed there for eternity, and, over time, was transformed into a flower.

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