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Eine wie keiner
  • Categories:Gender, Female To Male, Male To Female, German, Body Swap, Movie
  • Cast: Josefine Preu´┐Ż as Melli, Manuel Cortez as Roque
  • Title in English: One like no one
  • Title in French: Une comme aucun
  • Title in Spanish: Una como ninguno
2008, Germany


This is a low cost TV production trying to make fun of several movies (Cruel Intentions, American Beauty, The Ring, Napoleon Dynamite, American Pie).
When Melli's mom dies, she moves to her grandma. The newspaper at her new school makes an interview where it is revealed that she is still a virgin.
The only other virgin at that school is a girl called London. She is the stepsister of Roque. When she reads the article, she promises Roque her asshole if he manages to deflorate Melli. Roque tells Melli that he is living chastely as well. They meet at Melli's to "talk". After getting Roque drunk, Melli wants to watch a movie she found in the school's library. In the movie a girls crawls out of a well and asks for their phone number. She stops the tape, but Roque's mobile rings anyway. A voice on the phone says in seven hours they will not be the same.

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