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Sugar Sugar Rune: Episode 36 "Stop the Old Man! Baya's Secret Mission"
Categories:Television Episode, Gender, age regression


A magical girl anime about two young witches named Chocolate and Vanilla who are competing to rule the World they come from by winning the hearts of teenage boys, but unexpectedly turn into the best of friends. In episode 36 Chocolate's Grandfather comes to the Human World for a visit but ends up irritating her and an older sorceress named Baya with his womanizing. The girls and Baya, together with Chocolates young boyfriend conspire to play him by having Baya transform herself into a drop-dead gorgeous woman. The ruse works but Baya is exhausted playing a young woman all day so the girls take her away for some needed rest. But who to fill in for her as the beautiful woman while she's gone? Chocolate's boyfriend isn't doing anything at the moment, he'll do in a flash. And in a puff of smoke the boy is unwittingly transformed into an exact double of the woman grandfather was seeing. Things go well for a while until grandfather decides to get a little too affectionate.

originally posted by guest on 2008-03-05, 1 edit, entryid=7946