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The All New Atom #17-18
  • Categories:Comic Book, Gender, Size
  • Cover Date: January and February 2008
  • Issue Title: The Atom & the Amazon, Parts One and Two
  • (c) DC Comics



This features both the Atom, Professor Ryan Choi of Ivy Town University, shrinking during a fight, and Professor Doris Zeul, the villain Giganta, growing at several points, as well as resuming her normal size. In one panel, she is shown to be shrinking in an action shot. Most times she grows, her clothes seem to grow with her, but the first time she does it in this issue, her skirt goes okay, but her shirt is stretched a bit. When she shrinks, the shirt resumes its normal shape and size.


At the beginning of this issue, Ryan's friend, Professor Panda is visited by a strange visitor. This person is an older man wearing an all white shirt, but has a distinctive purple band across his chest.
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originally posted by Sara on 2007-12-20, 1 edit, entryid=7843