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Star Ocean Series
  • Categories:Inanimate, Animal, Video Game
  • Star Ocean SNES(1996, Japan only), PSP remake Star Ocean: The First Departure (2007, currently Japan only)
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story PSX(1998), PSP remake Star Ocean: The Second Evolution (not yet released)
  • Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time PS2(2003)
Copyrights of Enix Corporation (Square-Enix) and tri-Ace.


Petrification features as an in-battle status effect in all three games.
It is only featured in the story of the first game, as a virus spread throughout the planet Roak.
Petrified characters cannot move or be attacked. The effect is permanent until cured.

Freezing is an in-battle effect in Star Ocean 3. Affected characters turn blue and steam falls from their body. The character will thaw after a while, but will be KOed instantly if hit with a physical attack.
Certain enemies such as the 'Aquaregia' species can also temporarily trap a character in an ice crystal or something similar.

The 'Masque' species of enemy in Star Ocean 3 can use an attack called 'Vegiform', which transforms its target into a squash or pumpkin.
Masques can also use 'Cutie Pie', which turns its target into a bunny (small pink creature similar to a rabbit).
Both effects are temporary, and the affected character cannot move during either.

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