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Ghost In The Shell
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In Part 07: Phantom Fund, Major Motoko Kusanagi crashes into an office at the Sagawa Electronics Corporation, where she finds a man seated at a desk who is trying to erase a series of disks containing records of transactions between the Soviet General Marlov and Lieutenant Colonel Sohei Kagasaki that involve the sale of land around the Sagawa Corporation's headquarters in the far north. After shooting the man, she discovers he was in fact a remote-controlled robot shell and connects herself into the socket to which the robot was connected, but her entry into Sagawa's mainframe computer is blocked. While the Major is examining the disks, she is attacked by the body of a large male statue connected to the wall behind her and succeeds in shooting off its hand. As the body approaches her, Kagasaki's voice comes out of the statue's head, which is still mounted onto the wall! She cloaks herself to stop the statue's attack - it's another remotely controlled robot - and runs out of the office with the disks! Realizing he had better get away, Lieutenat Colonel Kagasaki disconnects himself physically from the company mainframe, and it is revealed that his actual brain is contained in one of the four nymphs attached to a column on one side of the office. The Lieutenant Colonel has been hanging around in the office the entire time, and when he/she runs out of the office, he/she is apprehended by Major Kusanagi, who says:

"Hey, life's a bitch!"

anonymously posted on 2007-11-27, 1 edit, entryid=7809