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Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman #1
  • Categories:Comic Book, Mechanical, Monster
  • Cover Date: December 2007
  • Cover Title: "The Sinestro Corps War Continues!"
  • Story Title: "Death of a Cyborg"
  • DC Comics


The Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw, (not to be confused with Cyborg - Victor Stone) is back in this one-shot set during the events of the on-going Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Corps War.

Throughout this issue, the origin of The Cyborg is again told. It is a pastiche of the original Fantastic Four origin. A crew aboard a space ship, in this case the Excalibur, is hit by cosmic radiation before it re-enters Earth's atmosphere. Instead of giving them powers they can control, they are given very extreme powers that begin to kill them. The radiation mutated Steve and Jim into versions of the Human Torch and the Thing, and both were too far gone to be saved. Terri, Hank's wife, began mutating into something similar to the Invisible Woman, except for no way to stop it. Hank's entire body metastasized and eventually overtook a computer. He was able to construct a body from the computer parts, and was able to save his wife. However, the site of Hank being a Robot was too much for Terri and she killed herself.

This drove Hank insane, and he blamed Superman for all of the crew's deaths. Hank took off into space in a Kryptonian ship and eventually returned after Superman was dead to take his place as a part Kryptonian and part machine cyborg hybrid.

He is unable to be killed, and seeks permanent peace of death from the Anti-Monitor. This is the reason he has aligned himself with Sinestro.

The story is ongoing in the Green Lantern Comic Books.

originally posted by Sara on 2007-11-27, no edits, entryid=7807