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Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 (2007)
  • Categories:Comic Book, Animal, Insect, Female
  • Cover title: iViva!
  • Cover Date: November, 2007
  • Issue 1 of 8 of 2007 Mini-series
  • (c) DC Comics
  • Series: Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Vol. 2


This issue starts off with Uncle Sam and the Freedom fighters fighting against an alien insect colony that is on route to attack and colonize Earth.One member of the team since the first mini-series is Red Bee. She is entomologist Jenna Raleigh, the original Red Bee Richard Raleigh's grand niece. She wears a red mechanized battle suit allowing flight and augmented strength that gives her the appearance of being an insect. During the battle, she is taken by the insects and placed in a cocoon.

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originally posted by Sara on 2007-11-27, 4 edits, entryid=7805