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Family Guy "Peter's Daughter"
Categories:Marked for Deletion


There is no transformation, this entry is now marked for deletion - cj 2007nov27

In the new episode of Family Guy, Peter sends Meg to get his case of beer during a flash flud and she "takes a nap" in the water. She is in a coma and Peter promises that when she wakes up he will be the best father ever. She wakes up and dates the intern at her hospital. After Peter is caught spying on the two of them, the intern breaks up with Meg. Peter makes a joke saying "he's not a good man, just like Jodie Foster" Then it cuts to two woman in bras and panties making out on a bed and a door slams. The redheaded woman says "Oh no, Jodie it's my husband." Then Jodie says in a man's voice, "He had to find out sooner or later." Then lifts up one leg and lets out a very manly fart.

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