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Wonder Woman #308-309
Categories:Female, Comic Book, Marked for Deletion


This is a duplicate entry and has been marked for deletion - cj 2007nov19

Wonder woman discovers that a female gypsy has taken over Black Canary's body! After stopping the woman in the JLA HQ and forcing her to speak the truth with her lasso, Zenna replies that Canary's meddling her with her attempts to capture Nazi murderer Karl Schlagel (notorious for killing many Jews at the Nazi death camps) had put her Gypsy firmly in the hands of Schlagel and his monsters. But when it became clear that Schlagel was uncapturable due to the Canary, she drew upon the Psionic Powers of her Gypsy heritage, AKA Gypsy Magic.and swapped minds with the Black Canary and escaped to get help from the rest of the JLA.

In #309 the two women race to save the Black Canary (now in the body of Zenna,) and stop the madman from fullfilling his latest plans involving experiments on young children.

anonymously posted on 2007-11-19, 3 edits, entryid=7794