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Infinity Inc. #3
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Cover Title: "Eureka!"
  • Issue Title: "Luthor's Monsters, Part 3"
  • Cover Date: January 2008
  • (c) DC Comics
  • Series: Infinity Inc., Vol. 2 (2007)


A Man named Erik has a strange power, based on the fact of some psychosis of him wanting to castrate himself, which he feels very uneasy about. He and his friends confront a woman with a replication power, and she replicates a pair of man's boxers, that belong to the man who was involved in a murder of Erik's female friend, Stacy.

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Revx naq uvf sevraqf pbasebag gur jbzna jvgu ercyvpngvba cbjref, naq fur jnagf gb ercyvpngr gurz, naq jura fur nggrzcgf gb znxr ercyvpnagf bs Revx naq uvf sevraqf, Revx punatrf vagb n srznyr irefvba bs uvzfrys. Gur lbhat jbzna pnyyf urefrys Revxn, naq chapurf bhg gur ercyvpngvat jbzna, fnivat uvf/ure sevraqf.

In both the main story and the back-up story there are transformations.

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Va gur znva fgbel gur punenpgre Revx znavsrfgf uvf arj cbjref ol gheavat vagb Revxn(fur'f gur punenpgre qrcvpgrq ba gur sebag pbire nf jryy). Va gur onpx-hc fgbel, Crefban cergraqf gb or gur ryqreyl ynql arvtuobhe bs gur punenpgref gb gel gb frr jung gurl'er hc gb. Ng gur raq, Crefban eriregf onpx gb abezny ol erzbivat gur crefba'f pybguvat.

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