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Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
  • Categories:Movie, Body Swap, Gender, Male To Female, Female To Male, Japanese
  • AKA: "I Am You, You Are Me"


Saito Kazumi is a transfer student from Sapporo. On the first day at her new school, she is almost run over by a car, and would have been hit if she had not been shoved out of the way by Saito Kazuo. She, however, doesn't see him, and mistakes her savior for Yamamoto, for whom she falls almost immediately.

After a good day at school, Kazuo and Kazumi both head home, crossing paths without noticing. Overhead, an ominous gray sky unleashes a thunderstorm on the city, and when thunder strikes the kiosk under which they've crossed, they somehow exchange minds. Now Kazuo is Kazumi, and Kazumi is Kazuo: neither is all that comfortable with the change, and they have no idea how to change back!

  • Saito Kazumi - Yoshizawa Hitomi
  • Saito Kazuo - Katsuchi Ryo
  • Futaba (Kazuo's sister) - Konno Asami
  • Akemi - Ishikawa Rika
  • Yamamoto - Hayami Mokomichi
  • Kuwahada Keiko - Niigaki Risa
  • Yamasaki Miho - Ogawa Makoto

"Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de" was one half of a special called the "Morning Musume Suspense Drama Special" in 2002.

It was based on a 1980 novel with the same title by Yamanaka Hisashi, who also wrote the screenplay for the 1982 film Tenkousei.


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