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PainKiller Jane episode Portraits of Lauren Gray
Categories:Age, Television Episode
Season 1; Episode 10
First Aired: Friday June 22, 2007


A number of women who work as fashion models suddenly end up aging overnight. So jane and her team go undercover to find out why fashion models are aging to death. Jane meets a woman called Wanda who is a beautiful fashion model but has a terrible secret. When she kisses a woman on the lips she drains the youth right out of their bodies and the fashion models end up dying the next day. When Jane asks her team to do a background check Wanda's name shows up in the computer saying that she was born in 1955. Jane goes to Wanda's penthouse alone to ask her some questions and ends up passing out from a drug in her drink. The next morning Jane is handcuff to the bed and Wanda tells her the truth about her terrible secret. She is the one who has been killing the fashion models. After Wanda has told Jane everything about her past she walks up to her and kisses her and Jane ages right away while Wanda gets young by the minute. When Jane has aged to an old woman Wanda has no use for her any more so she takes Jane out of the building to let her go. But Wanda has no ideal that Jane can use her power to age back to normal and when she does she knocks Wanda out cold. At the end of show Wanda dies not only from old age but from all the wounds that Jane has had in every part of her body. The end of the show Jane feels sad for Wanda and her friend Amanda who both die. Jane tells herself she wish she had a second chance with Amanda to become her friend instead of pushing her away from her.

originally posted by Bodyswap1 on 2007-06-23, 1 edit, entryid=7617