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If Wishes Were Horses
Categories:Animal, Book
Copyright © 2003 Penelope Stowell


Twelve-year-old Katie Callahan and her beautiful Arabian horse, Dancer, have a freak accident and switch bodies. Can Andy, Martin, and Lily find a way to change them back to their original forms before it's too late? And will it be science that saves the day—or magic?

This is an original children's novel for ages 8-12 by children's author Penelope Stowell.

Excerpt from the book:

KATIE COULD HEAR voices around her, men's voices talking, Andy's voice answering, the sounds of move-ment, occasional distant thunder. The air smelled of electricity and rain and damp earth and wet horsehair. She felt numb all over.

She was shaking. Her throat was dry. Her teeth ached. She could feel metal with her tongue. Her braces must have slipped. The inside of her mouth tasted like she had been eating batteries.

Eating batteries, she thought to herself. That's a good one. I must remember that.

She tried to open her eyes, but everything looked funny. Everything looked - flat. She couldn't get her eyes to focus. It was as if she were looking at two different photographs of the scene around her, instead of one complete, three-dimensional picture. She tried to speak, to tell somebody about her eyes, but nothing came out.

The flapping yellow slickers around her filled her with a sudden, uncontrollable sense of panic. What were they doing to her? She felt so odd! Her head seemed so far away from her body. She couldn't feel her fingers or toes.

I'm in shock, she thought. This must be what shock is.

She felt someone tugging at her, and she struggled to get to her feet. Suddenly, she was on her hands and knees.

But she wasn't on her hands and knees, she was really on her feet—or something.

Katie looked down at herself. All that she saw were Dancer's legs. Was she still on her horse? The paramedic seemed too short to her. She felt him pat her on the shoulder, heard him say, " There's a good girl, now, take it easy, now, there's a good girl."

Katie looked around and saw a girl on a stretcher, in a helmet, with a collar around her neck.

That's me, thought Katie wildly. I'm dead.

But she wasn't dead. She was standing, and people were talking to her. "What's going on?" she screamed out. "What's happening to me?"

All she heard was a horse neighing, somewhere close by, right in her ear.

Then Katie knew.

My wish at the Portals of Zandria came true.

She looked down at the long chestnut legs, the slim hocks, the shiny black hooves. I am inside the body of Dancer, she said to herself, and stumbled.

I'm not me anymore.

I am . . . a horse!

If Wishes Were Horses - eBook

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