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Smurfs, episode "Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo"
Categories:Animal, television episode


Taken from the season where the Smurfs were traveling through space and time uncontrollably.

While in a small Africal village, Brainy, left behind as baby-sitter for two of the village girls, two Smurflings (Sasette and Snappy), and Baby Smurfs, decides to act as a Storyteller (complete with magic dust stolen from the village's real Storyteller) to pass the time. Unfortunately, during the story, he is startled and spills the magic dust all over himself and his charges, turning them all into animals (but with their original heads). Sasette becomes a monkey, Snappy becomes an ostrich, Baby becomes a tiny cheetah, the elder human girl becomes a gazelle, the younger becomes a giraffe, and Brainy becomes a hippopotamus.

Baby and the younger girl quickly get lost in the jungle, menaced by the local wildlife, while the other transformed Smurfs, along with Grandpa Smurf, have to track them down and rescue them. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf tries to find the storyteller, before the transformation becomes permanent at sundown.

anonymously posted on 2007-06-19, no edits, entryid=7607