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Super Paper Mario
  • Categories:Gender, Monster, Female, Size, Inanimate, Video Game
  • Original Game Console: Wii
  • Original Release Date: April 9, 2007
  • (c) Nintendo



One of the enemies in the game, Mimi, has the power to shape shift. In the first chapter of the game, her real form isn't shown, but starts a scene as O'Chunks(another enemy), then turns into Count Bleck (the main villain), then into Princess Peach, and then into Bowser.

In chapter 2, her real form is shownClick to show spoiler
gung bs n lbhat tvey, jub svefg nccrneref nf n znvq and she transforms into Merlee in an attempt to trick you. When you determine that this is not Merlee, Mimi changes into her true form, and then intoClick to show spoiler
n uhtr fcvqre. Jura lbh orng ure, fur punatrf onpx vagb gur tvey sbez ntnva

She later transforms into Merlon and into Merlee again, which are very bad attempts to trick you again.


This game took an idea from New Super Mario Bros and adapted it to an old idea. The Starman item from previous games is present, but instead of just making Mario (or whomever is in your party) invincibleClick to show spoiler
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This event occurs in Chapter 7-3
Click to show spoiler
Hcba svaqvat Cevaprff Crnpu, Znevb naq pbzcnal qvfpbire fur unf rngra n tbyqra sehvg, gung jvyy xrrc ure fyrrcvat sbe 100 lrnef. Gurl frg bhg gb svaq n sehvg gb erfgber ure. Gurer ner 5 sehvgf, naq bayl bar urnyf ure. Gur bguref unir shaal fvqr rssrpgf. Erq znxrf ure tebj gb tvtnagvp fvmr. Oyhr fuevaxf ure gb zvav fvmr. Cvax punatrf ure vagb n Crnpul Crnpu vgrz sebz gur tnzr. Gur shaavrfg vf Lryybj, jurer vg znxrf ure tebj n shyy Znevb Oebf. Zhfgnpur. Ure ercyl gb guvf vf "Trg Fbzr Yvc Jnk". Gur punatrf jrne bss dhvpxyl.

anonymously posted on 2007-04-23, 3 edits, entryid=7522