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Sharon Shinn book Dark Moon Defender
  • Categories:Gender, Animal, Female, Book
  • Title: "Dark Moon Defender"
  • ISBN 0-441-01430-5


This is the third book of Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series. As in the previous books "Mystic and Rider" and "The Thirteenth House" shiftlings Kirra Danalustrous and Donnal are mentioned somewhat often (though far less than the second book). They are frequently in animal shapes (hunting birds, horses etc.), but there are brief mentions of them in other human forms; they each do at least one very brief gender TF, and Kirra disguises herself as other women.

The focus of this book, however, is on Justin, a King's Rider, and his falling for Ellynor, a novice at the convent of the Daughters of the Pale Moon. As in "Thirteenth House," Justin proves he is not immune to Kirra's shiftling magic.

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originally posted by DaveS on 2007-04-18, 1 edit, entryid=7513