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Sharon Shinn book The Thirteenth House
  • Categories:Animal, Gender, Female, Book
  • Title: "The Thirteenth House"
  • ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-441-01414-9


The second book in Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series, "The Thirteenth House" focuses on Kirra Danalustrous, a character introduced in "Mystic and Rider." Kirra, the daughter of a powerful noble, was born a mystic "shiftling" - a person with the ability to transform into virtually any other human or animal form. In this book, she is called upon to take the place of her younger sister Casserah who is unwilling to embark on an obligatory social tour of the other Houses of Gillengaria. Kirra spends much of the book in the form of her sister, but also changes into animal forms several times (like dogs, cats and birds). She also occasionally impersonates other people, both men and women.

Returning also in this book is Kirra's servant Donnal, a peasant man who is also a shiftling. Donnal spends much of the book as a wolf or in bird form, but there is a short sequence at the beginning where he poses as Kirra's maid during a rescue mission. He also very briefly mimics Kirra to trick the man who was rescued.

They aren't the only ones who change either.
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