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The Secret
Categories:Female, Body Swap, Movie


After having an argument in their car, a mother (Lili Taylor) and daughter (Olivia Thirlby) get into an accident and end up in a hospital where we later find out the mother is now in the daughters body, while her original body died. David Duchovny also stars as the father and doesn't believe who he thinks is his daughter is really his wife. This is in the trailer, so it shouldn't be a spoiler. It is categorized as horror/thriller and stated for release sometime this year.


Much better movie than I expeected. Well acted. The teeage girl does a good job.

The husband convinces the wife to take over the daughter's life unitl she 'comes back.' The woman has trouble especially in the begining, especially with a teenage boy wanting to continue a sexual relationship. Also she has trouble keeping grades up and is horrified tofind the daughter was a drug user, mostly through peer pressure probably. The girl's teenage hormons start effecting her and she starts actng like her daughter, rebelious and highly emtional. WHile drunk she eveen makes a pass at her husband in the girl's body but he turns her down. After several months the daughter's spirit starts coming back. Touchig scene where the mom leaves a TV clip message for the daughter from the girl's body.


anonymously posted on 2007-04-11, 3 edits, entryid=7495