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Categories:Gender, Body Swap, Male To Female, Female To Male, Comedy, Russian, Movie
Cyrillic Title: Любовь-Морковь


Married couple switches bodies after asking a doctor to help with their family problems.

Here is a film review I translated and edited to make some sense to English language readers. I haven't seen more than the trailers and the music video but the following seems to match what I have seen.

"Lubovi-morkovi (Lubov morkov)
Ghosh Kutsenko,
Christina Orbakaite,
100 minutes.

Andrei Golubev (Ghosh Kutsenko), a successful lawyer works for a certain law firm, headed by Oleg L. Paul (Andrei Ramsay), and there is a good chance Andrei soon may become a partner in the business. Of course.Andrew's wife, Marina (Christina Orbakaite), from Chicago, is a specialist in painting. Marina has her problems. After a time, she should accompany transport of Chagall paintings, which were bought for a couple million dollars. Marina knows that the picture is wanted by suspicious men led by Jim Carlo (Eugene Stychkin).

Seven years ago, Andrei and Marina married and gave each other vows of loyalty. .Not very good vows, it is true, because at the time the film starts their relationship is visible cracked. Because of Andrei's long hours at work his wife is not interested. "Do I need to save our love?" questioned the wife and she comes to the conclusion that there was at least reason to try. And it is precisely on television advertising where she sees Doctor Kogan, who promises to help lost families find a good relationship again through a unique therapy.

The fact is that Kogan, it is unclear how, exchanged Andrei and Marina's bodies. Andrei is now in the body of Marina, and, respectively, the contrary, she is in his body! Perhaps this has been done in order to ensure that each one of them looked at their life from inside the other?

Marine in the body of Andreas must concentrate on business, while Andrei in the body Marina with her friends would go to spa-salon, boutiques and clubs, and, in their free time, they will try to save their love and possibly each other's careers.

Of course, they will save it. Dr. Kogan is never wrong, it is his job to make relationships right.


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anonymously posted on 2007-03-22, 3 edits, entryid=7459