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  • Categories:Male, Book
  • Author: David Callinan


Jack and Kerry Madigan are a young and radical couple living in New York. He runs the Refuge - a home for down and outs in the Bronx; she works for a left wing newspaper.

As the story opens, Kerry announces she is expecting their first child, just as Jack secures a million dollar insurance policy for the Refuge, which is situated in the most dangerous street in the city. Jack has many helpers, including the strange and prophet-like Abraham, who seems timeless with no past and no future.

Ernie Mason, a black, mean street warrior, is released from prison, back into the Bronx where he has a deadly reputation.
After a drunken brawl he steals a car, goes joyriding and sees a woman in his sights. He doesn�t bother to brake and hits Kerry Madigan dead on, killing her instantly, before smashing the car and killing himself.

Jack is devastated, runs wild, trying to come to terms with events. He meets Abraham who makes him offer he finds hard to refuse - the chance to say goodbye, not on Earth, but in the dimension where Kerry is now in spirit. But, there is a price to pay. It�s not until he has agreed that Jack realises quite how big a price. A truck appears from nowhere and knocks Jack back onto the pavement, unconscious. That�s when the cosmic switch clicks and Jack is given one last chance to say goodbye to Kerry as she prepares to move on to another spiritual dimension, life, or existence.

And the downside? Someone must occupy his body on this time-locked world and be given a chance of redemption.
That person turns out to be Ernie Mason, who wakes up in hospital as a white dude called Jack, whom everyone loves; while the real Jack travels the mystical spiritual realms in search of Kerry�s soul or spirit.
After the shock, Ernie realises he has been given a second chance, learns about the million dollar insurance deal, lives the life of Jack Madigan to the consternation of his friends, discovers a talent for painting and plans to burn down the Refuge and escape with the money.

That is until Jack wants to come back after saying a spiritual goodbye to Kerry.

Now the battle for Jack�s body hots up as he attempts to get rid of Mason�s evil psyche from his physical body. To the outside world, Jack Madigan is going mad, sinking into schizophrenia and is finally condemned to a mental institution.


originally posted by Michael Binary on 2007-03-11, 1 edit, entryid=7441