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Roar episode Tesh
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode


A series from down under starring a young Health Ledger. He leads a collition of Celtic tribes against an evil roman - their armys are ledby an evil Queen Diana she has a 400 year old wizard who was the soldier who stabed Jesus with the spear & he can not die. The series has been shown on the Sci channel.

Catlin the lovely female Lt. of the hero is possessed by the spirit of her dead sister, Amalia who was sold to a leper whore master and died cursing Catlin. She wants revenge on Catlin and plans to kill her and turn her into a leper. Sores break out on her face.To spare the woman he loves the hero makes a bargin with the immorral wizard and the evil queen.

The best scene in the show is when the crazy wizard offes the dead girl's spirit the Queen's body. "Be a Queen, be beautiful and powerful, sleep on soft beds command yor own slaves." Diana is horrifed as the girl agrees and approaches the bound queen's body.

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originally posted by guest (Eric) on 2006-03-20, no edits, entryid=742