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Edmund Spencer book The Fairy Queen
  • Categories:Animal, Book


The Fairy Queen is a set of six or seven different books writen by the Poet's Poet about different knights of the court of the Fairy Queen. Each Knight has a different quest that he or she must fulfill. In Book 2, Sir Guymon fights a witch Acrasia, who is based on Circe. She captures young knights, takes them to her Bower of Bliss, goes through an orgy-like ritual and sucks out their souls, and when she's done with them, she turns them into beasts to guard her home.
I haven't yet read the whole thing, so their may be more in the other books. This is perhaps one of the best fantasy books I've ever read. The whole thing is a huge allegory of virtues, with each knight's quest being the means of which said knight comes to exemplify the value he or she represents. Wonderful characters, powerful imagery and complex thematic elements, which the author states in the introduction that you free to interpret however you wish (It was written during the English Protestant reformation, when it was considered bad to write fantasy, so I assume the introduction was something of a disclaimer).

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