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Love Spell episode My Girl (Episodes 1-4) My Boy
  • Categories:Gender, Female To Male, Television Episode


This is a love story between Stephanie and Simon. Stephanie was just a typical high school girl, that wanted to be cool and popular like Vanna and Rhea. They told Stephanie that for her to be like them, to be their friend, and to have the same necklace as the one they have, she has to have a boyfriend. Simon was the chosen one by Rhea and Vanna to be her boyfriend. Simon is the son of Stephanie's mom's friend in US. He happened to stay in Stephanie's house for a while, go to the same school where she attends, and fall in love with Stephanie.

Once Simon finds out that Stephanie only wanted to be with him to be part of the clique, he curses Stephanie. By night, Stephanie, while she sleeps, is turned into a guy! She tried many ways to get back to the normal Stephanie, like shaving. How will everyone react, and will she ever turn back to normal?

here's the link to the first episode:

for episodes 2 and 3, just browse through pages 32-34 of the user's videos

here's the link to the final episode, uploaded by a different user:

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3 Comment: Love Spell, "My Girl (Episodes 1-4) My Boy"
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