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Dungeon Siege II
  • Categories:Misc, Computer Game


In Dungeon Siege II, you get to create a hero. You can be a female human, male human, female elf, male elf, Male half-giant, or a female Dryad (they are healers and can harvest health and mana potions). One of the quests takes you to the Exile colony and to the fort where you are to locate some surviving privates who need rescuing from their own men, who are now zombies! The zombies were actually the souls of the dead soldiers who died in the end of the 1st age (when the shield of Azunai and the sword of Zaramoth clashed. One of these dead souls possesses a soldier of the fort you are to go to. He warns you first about the strange happenings, then changes before your eyes, and then you have to kill him. Then, You fight three giant snakes (one heals, one fights, and one uses it's tail tip to attack. The snakes were possessed by the same dead soldiers from the 1st age after you defeat the zombiefied soldiers.

originally posted by guest (Kris Rothacher) on 2006-03-22, no edits, entryid=739