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"The Old Country" by Mordicai Gerstein


The starts out with an old woman telling her grandson a story about how she got tricked into swaping bodies with a wily fox named Flame, when she was a young child living in the old country. The rest of the book is about her experiences as a fox chasing after the bodythief and her family in her war torn country.

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Vg vf erirnyrq va gur raq gung gur tenaqzbgure vf fgvyy gur sbk. Gur tvey qvq riraghnyyl pngpu hc gb ure, ohg ol gura gurl unq fcrag fb zhpu gvzr va rnpu bguref obqvrf gung gurl qrpvqrq gb yrnir guvatf gur jnl gurl jrer. Gur tvey yvirq bhg gur erfg bs ure qnlf nf n sbk, naq gur sbk zbirq njnl sebz gur byq pbhagel jvgu ure "snzvyl."
Quote from the book:
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"Ohg ... ubj ... jura ... jurer qvq lbh svanyyl punatr onpx? Naq pbzr urer gb or zl terng-tenaal?" "Tvfryyn arire qvq. V pnzr. V, jub jnf Synzr gur sbk."


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