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"The Boone Identity" episode of Dresden Files
  • Categories:Gender, Body Swap, Television Episode
  • Series: Dresden Files


This weeks episode had a thung released from Prison using an ancient egyption artifact to transfer himself into other bodies. He had to kill himself to person the exchange. He had orginally swapped into a Billionaires body.

But Dresden had figured it out and had him trapped so he swapped into the female police captain and then shot Dresden who lived due to his Shield Bracelet. After the swap he adjusted his Bra and in a slightly pissed off voice said "This is going to be interesting". He planned to swap into a Vegas Tycoon as he didn't want to be a woman but Dresden used Voodoo Magic to inflict pain so he would have to come after him first. Whe he arrived at Dreden's office, Dreden used the Voodoo Doll to incapacitate him and pin him to the floor. Dresden came up to him laying on the floor and said "How are you enjoying being a woman?"

originally posted by ROBO on 2007-01-28, 8 edits, entryid=7280