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Blues Brothers 2000
Categories:Animal, Movie


This is the sequel to the Blues Brothers (1980), but in this one Elwood is all by himself because of the death of his partner Jake (who much like Belushi, the actor who played him....passed away), but in one scene he goes into his pub and meets Mack (played by John Goodman) who he hires to be the new lead singer, he also meets a kid named Buster and the kid joins the band too. There are a couple of tf related scenes such some of the scenes involving the evil queen mussat, she asks the band to play something carribean so they can enter the battle of the bands- but because they don't have carribean in their reportoire of music styles....she turns them into green skinned zombies that sing carribean tunes. In another scene she turns a few people into rats, and after the carribean musical number the brothers are turned to stone. There's also a scene where the black cop guy gets blown into the sky and agrees to help the band- his outfit changes from a cop outfit to a Blues Brothers oufit like the ones Elwood, Mac, and Buster are wearing.

NOTE: Another character who is said to have died is Curtis- the blues brothers mentor, which also reflects the passing of Cab Calloway.

anonymously posted on 2007-01-11, 5 edits, entryid=7253