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Categories:Female, Television Episode


Episode name unknown.
A woman fell in love with a co-worker, a married guy, who's wife had left him. The husband loves his wife so much that he kept asking why she disappears from his life. The woman loves the guy so much that she decided to go under the knife in order to look exactly as the wife in question, and makes the "wife" to come back to the husband's life. After few months(or was a year?) of operations, the woman looks eactly like the wife, and happily goes to meet the "husband". But the time passed had angered the bitter husband to no end, and killed the "wife" when they met.

As the husband attended the "wife" burial service and is about to be led away by police, he saw the real wife there, smiling, since she knew why she had to go in hiding and disappeared from her obessive husband and the troubled marriage in the first place.

originally posted by The Gambler on 2006-12-24, 4 edits, entryid=7216