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Doug Rice book Blood of Mugwump
  • Categories:Gender, Book
  • Title "Blood of Mugwump", (C)1996, Drama, body swap, possession, isbn 1-57366-018-3, pub BIP Normal


Written by an Associate Professor of English and Film at Kent State (according to the credits) this book is an " Avant Pop" novel of sexual obsession, body possession and gender shifting. The first chapter is virtually impossible to read because pronouns and gender identity are used interchangably, not only He and She but also Me and You, My and They and so on - until you scream WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! Is this a book about a man, a girl or a grandmother - is this book about vampires? The back cover blurb supposedly explains the story line with these teasers: "kinetic body that is always changing from Male to Female... (Hero) discovers himself to be in his sister's body... gender shifting vampires... " BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING! I read it to be about a very confused soul who is sometimes his sister (alternate ego) and is somtimes associated with his grandmother in very incestuous ways (grandmother Mugwump appears to have once been his father). Note: XXX rated in content (fondness for the blunt and common names of body parts, for example) - but not really pornography. Illistrated with antique "family portraits" with outrageous titles. This Joyce/Burroughs/Larry Flint novel ain't easy reading - but has INTENSE gender changing. Look in University and non-name brand book stores for this gem (also note: subtitled "A Tiresian Tale of Incest" - don't that alone grab ya?)

originally posted by Orlando on 2000-01-01, no edits, entryid=6989