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Erufu O Karu Mono-Tachi issue 3rd isuue
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • aka "they who hunt elves", Title "3rd isuue", issue 3, (C)1996, Japeness, Comedy, Fantasy, body swap, pub Dengeki comics


The story in general is about 3 people from our world and a tank that get stuck in a fantasy world. There's this elf, Celcia, who tries to cast a spell to send them home, but she messes up, and the spell splits into five pieces, and flies off to stick to the bodies of five other elves. So our heroes have to search the world and to undress any elves they find (to see if they have part of the spell). One of them is a jock, one's an actress, and one's a high school girl with a thing for tanks. Anyway, in book three, there's a fairly lengthy section where the high school girl and the jock switch bodies. The girl wants to know what it's like to be strong, and he wants to use the opportunity to get into a bath with the actress. It's funny, although other parts of the book are much funnier.

originally posted by gavin on 2000-01-01, no edits, entryid=6936