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Demonic Toys
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • Rated R, On Video, Horror, illusion


Toward's the end, there's a scene where the title demon creates the illusion of a little blonde girl in a ruffled party dress of age eight in order to lure a young man out of hiding. . It then changes into a more mature version of the girl - a gorgeous woman in her late teens wearing something a bit sexier and a bit more formal (like a prom dress). When it sees the effect that this form has on its prey, it changes one last time. The form is the same woman but just a few years older and wearing nothing but an "Uncle Sam" hat and high heels! The woman is "Miss July" - a centerfold whose picture the boy was drooling over early on in the film and the forms are just different stages of the centerfold's life as were most likely pictured in her bio. The demon relishes the boy's reactions and conjures up one last female form - that of the boy's female friend - her face bloody and mutilated and with an evil grin on "her" face.

originally posted by Kara on 2000-01-01, no edits, entryid=6894