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Wild Cards - Role Playing Game
  • Categories:Gender, Role Playing Game
  • Title "Wild Cards - Role Playing Game", Sci-fi, shapeshifter, possession


A few years ago I came across a RPG based on the Wild Cards series. This particular module was based on a the "Aces Abroad" book. Two interesting TG points. A woman named Cameo can Channel the spirits of the dead if she holds one of their personal items. The story has her possessed by a deceased and villainous wild card (the Astronomer I think). Another character who hasn't appeared in any of the books yet is a guy who has the power to assume the shape of any primate he sample through touching their bones. This includes the living if he touches their teeth (which can be embarrasing if he's kissing someone and uses his tongue). In the scenario he's working undercover as a young blond nanny. He goes by the name of the Piltdown Man and as the Missing Link.

originally posted by R. P. Guy on 2000-01-01, no edits, entryid=6838