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UK Commercial commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Commercial
  • Sci-fi, body swap, British, Cast: (Kirk) Bill Shatner


Several years ago there were a series of commercials for the floation of a Power company on the stock market. One of these featured Bill Shatner and James Doohan. I can't recall if they were actually playing Kirk and Scotty, but the implication was that they were. Anyway Bill Shatner and a young female Ensign are being beamed up and "Scotty" is having trouble with the "power" and has to abort the beam out. On rematerialising "Kirk" and the young Ensign have swapped bodies but not head. Kirk checks out his new body and ouraged at him touching up her old body the ensign punches Kirk. I think the body swap was achieved with body suits, well the original cast movie series was still ongoing at the time and Bill Shatner was nowhere near the size he now is. Sorry if some of this sounds vague but it may jog someone else's memory who has clearer recollection of the Advert. * Note from editor * This is currently included in the main list.

originally posted by anonymous on 2000-01-01, no edits, entryid=6837