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Phillip C. Jennings book Tower To The Sky
  • Categories:Gender, Book


Fascinating and fantastical story about the people who live on a tower so tall it reaches into orbit... and then when you cut off the bottom, it spins off into space to take humanity to the stars. (against the wishes of some unpleasant aliens)

Generations of living in high, low, or zero gravity environments have produced wild changes in some of the people.

One subplot follows the exploits of a mysterous, shadowy, elderly powerbroker who escapes both the forces trying to catch him and his old age by having his mind transferred into the body of a young woman.

...then ponders, and enjoys, the urges that body feels. In another instance, a woman transfers her personality into an obese teenaged boy. Both are main characters and the focus of attention for significant parts of the book. The whole story takes place in the same universe explored in Jennings' "The Bug Life Chronicles."

It takes society way, way into the future and offers some wild examples of where evolution and technology could take us.

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