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Totally Spies episode The Incredible Bulk
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode


Jerry, WHOOP founder and coordinator, sends Sam, Alex, and Clover to investigate an ex-body-builder who has been sending the younger male body builders some Bulky Bars that contain a substance that makes their muscles bigger and lose their intelligence (they start to end up like the Hulk, without the green skin, and big muscles). A saliva sample off Clover's arm from an encounter with one of these bulked-up power lifters confirms the identity of the body builder and the muscle enhancement formula. The Girls break into the stronghold of the evil body-builder who is bulked up and Alex's friend she met in the health club is one of the victims of the Bulky Bars. Alex decides to Eat a Bulky Bar to go one-on-one with the evil body-builder, and Clover controls Alex with her com-powder and the band-aid electrodes Jerry gave them for the mission. Alex's mind is more Hulk-like, "Alex SMASH!" Alex remians all bulky after they save the body-builders. I assume WHOOP found an antidote for her, as Jerry was talking to the girls about an antidote at the end of the episode.

originally posted by guest (Kris Rothacher) on 2006-04-13, no edits, entryid=661