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Cyberchase episode CastleBlanca
  • Categories:Mechanical, Television Episode


Cyberchase is about three kids, Matt, Inez, and Jackie, who are recruited by a kind ruler of Cyber-Space called Mother Board and her assistants, Dr. Marbles, Motherboard's programmer, and Digit, his assistant. The main villian is The Hacker (voiced by Christopher Lloyd), who plans to ruin Motherboard and unleashed a virus. Dr Marbles went to a cyber site called CastleBlanca to ask for assistance and was captured by The Hacker and his minions, Buzz and Delete. The Hacker plans to transfer Dr Marble's mind into his mechanical beast, GigaByte. The two minions break the mirrors to channel the moon beams to start the transfer process. This show deals with problem solving, teamwork, and Math skills. In this case, the kids go to a party hosted by the citizens of the site to chart Hacker sightings, since he was sighted in the area, full of castles. The kids use the data gathered to find Dracula, and then they refine the question to include a full description of the renegade green Cyborg with a pointy chin. Delete accidently gets swapped with GigaByte and the kids are saved by the Gnome who runs the castle that Hacker was using. Dr Marbles is saved and heads to Command Central to help Mother Board.

originally posted by guest (Kris) on 2006-04-20, no edits, entryid=635