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Dragon Tales episode Zack and Weezie Switch
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PBS Kids (on the local PBS channel) has a show called "Dragon Tales." The story is about a brother and sister, Max and Emmy, who find a magical dragon scale, and they make a wish on it. They get transported to Dragon Land, and meet some cool dragons. Ord (the blue strong one), Cassie (the pink shy girl dragon), and Zack and Weezie, a two headed dragon (Zack is green and on the left, and Weezie, his sister, is Purple and on the right. They share one body and one day, their personalities get switched while holding a statue Quetzel, the elder dragon, warns them about. They lose the statue and the kids have to help Zack and Weezie get the statue back. They do and return to normal. Weezie is usually care-free and Zack tends to worry a lot, especially about Weezie's love of fast flying and her catchphrase is "Loooove it!"

originally posted by guest (Kris Rothacher) on 2006-04-20, no edits, entryid=634