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Shirley Temple's Storybook episode "Land of Oz"
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My memories are a little hazy about this, but maybe someone out there remembers this. Shirley Temple hosted a TV series in the 1950's called something like Shirley Temple Theater. Shirley Temple introduced a fairy-tale type story each week.

One of the stories involved a princess who was essentially forced to be transformed into a young man, in order to help her kingdom. The princess found that she enjoyed, and preferred, being male. As a young man, she did accomplished the task the fairy Godmother who transformed her intended. After this, she was asked to allow herself to be transformed into a girl again. She resisted, protesting that she preferred being male. Very reluctantly, she finally allowed herself to be transformed herself to be female again. When she was transformed by the fairly Godmother into a young woman again, she looked embarrassed and humilated, but she was told by the prince who loved her that she had done the right thing.

If anyone else has seen this, please provide any other details you are aware of.

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