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Jumpstart 4th Grade
  • Categories:Mythical, Computer Game


In the original Jumpstart 4th grade (made before they revamped the series), you play a student on a haunted island, who sets out to save his classmates who were turned into monsters by the evil substitute teacher, Ms. Grunkel (you were conveniently absent that day). In the beginning of the game, all the tfs are shown briefly (the beginning ones are shown more thourough than the others), and you can interact with all the monsters during the course of the game, and see the full revert when you save them. There are alot of tfs, but the ones i remember are:

Boy into Werewolf
Boy into Brain
Girl into Living Snowman
Scarecrow (don't remember gender of victim)
Blob (same)
and various other generic horror monsters

You are also accompanied by another classmate who has been turned into a bat, and serves as your guide. Throughout the game there are other tfs.

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